At one time, the American people use to dream that their child could one day become President.  The Common Sense Party would like to give that dream back to the American people.

The Common Sense Party wants average Americans to be elected into offices across America.  Average Americans know what it is like to live, work, and struggle in America.

You do not need to be connected and you do not need to have money.  It does not matter if you are running for your local City Council or a US Senator, your job is the same.  One Common Sense Public Servant is no different from the next.  A Common Sense Public Servant does not have personal opinions on issues or topics.  The only job they have is being the voice of the people they represent.

Since it does not matter who the person is that holds public office, the only fair way is to have the Public Servant randomly selected.  No special treatment and no one will be chosen to fill an elected office.  We will draw a name and make sure the person is allowed/qualified to fill that office.  (Some elected offices have age requirements, citizenship requirements, how many years as a citizenship, etc.)

Check to make sure you meet all the requirements before submitting your name to the office of your choosing.