Lately, our Congress and Senators seem to have only one job, getting re-elected.

Elections are very expensive though, so where are they getting the money?  They give away American tax dollars.

Politicians give away billions of dollars that belong to our Nation to get back just a few million dollars for their campaigns.

Only a politician would allow lawyers, of the largest corporation in this country, that make billions of dollars a year in profits, to write tax laws.  The laws allow corporations to shelter their profits and avoid paying any taxes yet receive as much as $4 billion in tax refunds from the IRS.  The US does have a high corporation tax compared to other countries, and that needs to be corrected.  However the lawyers didn’t change the tax rate that all corporations pay, they just fixed it so select corporations paid no taxes at all while the smaller corporations continue to pay a high tax.  That is unfair taxation.

Taxes are what allow our government to run itself.  When politicians care more about getting campaign contributions than having a functioning country, we end up in the financial trouble we are in today.

They also give federal tax breaks to the 5 biggest oil companies of $6.6 million dollars a day.  That comes out to over $2.4 billion dollars a year.  (I am sure they do not leave out the smaller oil companies as well.) Those same 5 oil companies have a combined profit of over $375 million a day.  That comes out to over $136 billion a year.

Why do they need tax breaks?  They appear to be doing very well.

Why do our politicians do all of this? They do it to receive campaign contributions.

There are over 12,000 lobbyists that buy our politicians.  Last year they spent $3.3 billion dollars buying the country away from the American People.  If our politicians are working for the lobbyists and big business, who is working for our nation?

Our politicians give away money that belongs to our country, then turn to the American People and say they have to cut funding on things that the people need because they do not have enough money.

You know whose fault it is?  Ours.  We know this has been going on and we have not done anything to stop it.  But now we can.  Join together with your fellow Americans across the nation and take control of your country.  You can do it right from your couch in your family room.

Join Common Sense today and spread the word.  We are the American People and we are taking our country back.