Why is MINIMUM WAGE the problem of every American?

The American People are forced to subsidize businesses that pay their employees a less then livable wage by making up the difference in welfare.  Minimum wage is the least amount of money by law that a person can be paid per hour.  That does not mean that it is a livable wage.  When businesses pay their employees less than a livable wage, the employees must apply for welfare to survive.

In 2001 there were over 17 million people on SNAP (Food Stamps).  By 2013 that number has grown to over 47 million.

A study released by Congressional Democrats said that every one of Walmart Super Centers cost taxpayers as much as $900,000 in Food Stamps and other government aid because Walmart pays their employees a non-livable wage.  Walmart's 3,267 super stores alone cost the taxpayers over $3 billion a year. Walmart made over $15 billion in profit last year.

Another study showed that the fast food industry cost over $9 billion in Food Stamps and other government aid.

Some companies say that if they paid higher wages they could not stay in business. If they can not pay their employees a livable wage then maybe they should not be in business.  They are taking advantage of the system.

The CEO’s of the fast food industries and Walmart pay their employees a non-livable wage because they claim their companies can not afford to pay them more.  But they have no problem justifying their salaries of $12 million to $35 million.

Our politicians know what it cost our country and the America People to keep minimum wage low.  A hard working American, working full time, should earn enough money to support their family without welfare.

There is a lot of talk across the nation that minimum wage should go to $15.00 an hour.  Half of the working Americans across the country make less then $13.20 an hour.  If our politicians raise minimum wage to $15.00 an hour tomorrow, more then 80 million people would get a raise.

To our politicians it is more important to to receive campaign contributions from large corporations to keep minimum wage low than to care about the millions of American people who earn less than a livable wage in our country.

They have forgotten that they work for the American People and not the corporations.

They want to make it the responsibility of the American People to subsidize businesses all across our Nation that pay less then livable wage to their employees. Every day these corporations get richer, and our country moves closer to bankruptcy.

The same politicians that cut the Food Stamp program and took food away from 47 million Americans are the same ones that control what the national minimum wage should be. They want to keep minimum wage low, keep Americans on welfare, and cut their benefits.  47% of Congress and 67% of the Senate are millionaires, plus they receive a yearly salary of $174,000 plus many benefits.  Do you think they should be in charge of deciding what a minimum or livable wage should be in our nation?

The Common Sense Party believes that it should be the American People who decide what the minimum/livable wage should be.

Welfare is for the needy, not the underpaid.  The Common Sense Party supports raising the minimum wage high enough to give people a livable wage and get hard working people off welfare.

It is so simple, it is Common Sense.