If you worry about the state of our country, you are not alone.

The American People have lost control of their Nation.

Currently the polls say that over 75% of us want to replace all of our politicians in Washington.

The Common Sense Party will do just that.  It will replace politicians with Public Servants who will be average Americans.  These Public Servants will listen to the will of the people they represent and always do what is in the best interest of their country.

Term Limits!

Members of Congress serve for 2 years.  The Common Sense Party will have a Term Limit of 2 sessions for our Public Servants in Congress.

Members of the Senate serve 6 years.  The Common Sense Party will have a Term Limit of 1 session for our Public Servants in the Senate.

Even Common Sense Public Servants that are elected into your local City Council will all have term limits.

No more life time politicians.


Not only will a Public Servant not be allowed to take any money or favors of any kind from a lobbyist but they will not be allowed to speak with them.  The Common Sense Public Servant will only listen to the voice of the people they represent.  They will hear that voice by allowing the people to vote on every bill and issue that is put before the Public Servant.  However 51% of the people they represent votes, then that is how the public servant will vote.   (Details on the page “Common Sense Public Forum”.)

The Common Sense Public Servant has only one job: to always do what is in the best interest of the American people and their country.

We have millions of people in this country that have great ideas on how we could run this nation more efficiently and effectively.  The American people are this country’s greatest asset.   If you have a great idea or a law that needs to be made or changed, or something that you feel would just make this country better, you can submit it to your elected Common Sense Public Servant and have it put up for a vote by the people in your area.  If 51% vote yes, then it moves onward.  (Details on the page “Common Sense Public Forum”.)

When a Common Sense Public Servant runs for office, they will not campaign by sharing their views on political topics, nor will they participate in political debates.  The only job they have is being the voice of the people they represent.  One Public Servant is no different from the next.  A Common Sense Public Servant does not have personal opinions on issues or topics, they represent the views of the people they serve.  How will we pick which Americans will run for which office?  (Details on the page “Who runs for Office”.)

Politicians are steering our country into a dangerous future.  A runaway national debt and irresponsible overspending have some experts saying our nation will be bankrupt within 20 years.

The Common Sense Party will return credibility and honesty to our government.

In November of 2014 we have the opportunity to take back our country.  The whole Congress is up for election, all 435 seats.  We have the opportunity to elect honest and reliable Public Servants and get rid of the politicians who are destroying our country.  In addition to Congress, 33 seats in the Senate are up for election and 38 Governors.

In November of 2014 The Common Sense Party can give the American People back their country.

Together, we can get The Common Sense Party ready in time for the 2014 elections.  What we need from you is your help in getting the word out about Common Sense.

We need to make every person in this country aware of The Common Sense Party and its benefits to each and every American.

We have a book called “Common Sense”, which was the starting point of the Party.  The book looks at some of the biggest problems we have in the country today, problems that are nothing new to any of us.  This book details how The Common Sense Party will give the government back to the people of our country.

The Common Sense Party is not asking for donations to build the party.  Common Sense is just asking for you to buy the book.  The eBook is just $6.95 or the physical book of $12.95 (includes shipping) to build the Common Sense Party.  There are a lot of expenses involved in building a national political party as well as meeting all the requirements in all 50 states.  That is where your help is needed.  By buying the book you are paying to help establish a party that is truly for the American People.  No cash donations will be accepted to build the Common Sense Party.  If you want to help financially above buying the book, please feel free to buy numerous copies of the book and spread the word.  The Common Sense Party will not be indebted to any person or business.  Buying the book is a small price to pay to ensure the future of our country.

Order the Book "Common Sense".

How do you spread the word? You talk to your neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family.  Tell them to go and read the Common Sense web page.

Go to Common Sense's Facebook page and “Like” us.

https://www.facebook.com/CommonSenseTheParty and you can "share" our postings on your Facebook page.

The more people you share Common Sense with, the quicker we grow.

If each one of us just does a little work in spreading Common Sense, we will win back our country.

November 2014 will be here quickly.  Our country and its people can not afford another term with our politicians in office.

Facebook is where we will keep things up to date and chart our progress toward the formation of the Common Sense Political Party.

Follow Common Sense on Twitter. http://twitter.com/CommonSense_Pty

Don’t forget to register on this web site.  By doing so you are letting us know that you are ready to support your country. You are also letting us know how many people we have, and how close we are to forming a political party. We understand that everyone has different ideas for how to get America back on track. Some people will be more vocal than others. Some may want to run for an elected office.  By telling your neighbors and friends about Common Sense and buying the book, you are making a big difference for your country.

A revolution (from Late Latin revolutio which means "a turnaround") is a significant change that usually occurs in a relatively short period of time.

Common Sense believes the American people deserve Public Servants who have America’s best interests at heart. If you believe in Common Sense, then spread the word and let’s turn the country around.

Together we can save our nation.

All it takes is a little Common Sense.