If you worry about the state of our country, you are not alone. Common Sense Party on Facebook Common Sense Party on Twitter

The American People have lost control of their Nation.

Currently the polls say that over 75% of us want to replace all of our politicians in Washington.

The Common Sense Party will do just that.  It will replace politicians with Public Servants who will be average Americans. These Public Servants will listen to the will of the people they represent and always do what is in the best interest of their country.


Term limits!

Average Americans will run for office! (Details on the page “Who runs for Office”.)

No contact at all with lobbyists!

Allow the people to vote on every bill/issue that is put before the Public Servant!  (Details on the page “Common Sense Public Forum”.)

Allow the people to submit ideas, laws, or changes in laws through their Public Servant for the people to vote on!  (Details on the page “Common Sense Public Forum”.) 

An elected Public Servant has only one job; to always do what is in the best interest of the American People and their Country.

A Public Servant does not have personal opinions on issues or topics and will not voice his/her personal opinion, but the opinions and views of the people they represent.  (Details on the page “Common Sense Public Forum”.) 

The Common Sense Party is giving America back to its people, where every vote does count and you will have a say in how your country is run. 

We can continue to let things in our country go down hill. We can let our politicians continue to take away our rights and let our nation fall deeper into debt. We can let more and more Americans fall into poverty and ignore the problems we face as a country, or you can click here (The Home page in more detail”.) and see how the Common Sense Party will turn this country around and give it back to the American People.

The nice thing is you can do it all from the couch in your living room.

All it takes is a little Common Sense.